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Kings coach Luke Walton speaks out on rape allegations, says encounter with accuser was ‘platonic’

Luke Walton, Kings

Back in April, Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton was accused of sexually assaulting a former colleague of his in a Santa Monica Hotel last year. The young coach has been relatively quiet about the allegation as investigations are ongoing.

Until recently.

Walton finally broke his silence regarding the matter, saying that his encounter with the accuser, Kelli Tennant was ‘platonic’ and that nothing sexual happened. This is according to legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

According to the said documents, Walton said that Tennant was the one who initiated the meet-up, but nothing sexual happened between the two of them. Moreover, Walton is also denying some of the accuser’s claims, as he said he never wrote a foreword in Tennant’s published book and that he was never her broadcasting mentor.

Walton also pointed out the fact that Tennant never complained to him about anything during or after their meet-up. He also questions why she waited for five years before filing her complaint. Luke is eager to fight the case in court in order to prove his innocence and won’t settle for any amount of money.

Along with the authorities, the Kings and the NBA are also conducting separate investigations regarding the allegation.