The Sacramento Kings are the real deal, and after they have proven themselves with a wild battle against the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, they are finally getting the respect they deserve.

On Saturday, it was revealed that the Kings' March 9 game against the New York Knicks has been added to the TNT slate of nationally televised games, per John Dickinson of 95.7 The Game. It took some time and the second-highest scoring game ever before the Kings receive national TV respect, but they finally have it.

Some Sacramento fans couldn't believe it took so long for the NBA to put the Kings on national TV, while others are simply happy and in a celebratory mood over the development that is a testament to the massive leap they have taken.

“The Kings really had to drop 176 points to finally get a national TV game lmfao,” The Kings Film Room tweeted.

A second fan wrote,”Yessss!!!! MORE NATIONALLY TELEVISED KINGS GAMES!!!”

“[Warriors] [Grizzlies] make way Beam Team comin to prime time,” another Twitter user said, in reference to the fact that the Golden State Warriors-Memphis Grizzlies game has been bumped up on the schedule to make way for the Kings-Knicks showdown.

Here are other reactions to the big change:

Sacramento had no nationally televised game last season, but now the team is getting more thanks to the way De'Aaron Foxc and co. are playing. True enough, they earned it and, in all honesty, deserve more.