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Video: Kings’ Harry Giles elbows Knicks’ Luke Kornet to the head, gets ejected

Harry Giles, Kings, Luke Kornet, Knicks

Sacramento Kings big man Harry Giles was ejected from Monday’s game after elbowing New York Knicks center Luke Kornet in the neck during the fourth quarter.

Giles was having one of his best games of the season, putting up 17 points, seven rebounds and two assists in 22 minutes before landing this shot on Kornet, which earned him an early trip to the showers as Kings fans cheered his exit from the court:

There was some pushback to the Flagrant 2 call, as it appears that Giles wasn’t looking at Kornet, while the Knicks center lowered himself a little, allowing for the clean hit to the neck. Yet Giles appeared to look Kornet’s way momentarily with his elbow already perpendicular to his body, fully aware he could connect with his counterpart upon making contact.

By rule, a Flagrant 2 call is warranted when there is unnecessary and excessive contact committed by a player against an opponent — considered an unsportsmanlike act and causing the offender’s immediate ejection upon replay review.

Point guard De’Aaron Fox, who was staring right at Giles as he brought the ball up court, didn’t think it was intentional by any means:

“I thought he was just trying to do a swim-move; he got him good though,” said Fox.

The Kings ultimately mustered a 115-108 win over the Knicks, but it proved relatively futile after the San Antonio Spurs beat out the Denver Nuggets, keeping three full games of separation for that last playoff spot out West.