Kings video: Nike's new Adapt self-tying shoes slip off De'Aaron Fox's foot
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Video: Nike’s new Adapt self-tying shoes slip off De’Aaron Fox’s foot

De'Aaron Fox, Kings, Nike

De’Aaron Fox’s new Nike Adapt shoe slipped off his left foot during his game against the Charlotte Hornets. These shoes are self-tying, and for a speedster like Fox, they did not want to stay on during his contest on Thursday:

Fox has been excellent in his sophomore season with the Kings. He has proven himself to be the head of one of the fastest and most exciting offenses in the NBA. His ability to slither out of pick-and-rolls and get to the basket and finish, or even find the open roll man or cutter with pinpoint precision has made Fox more than just a transition trackman.

In fact, Fox’s speed is unheralded. He told Yahoo Sports that he is the fastest in the league:

“People debate it all the time. [Debating if I’m one of the] top three or four fastest players in the league. Nah, I’m not up there. I’m No. 1. … I be watching film and I be looking at my feet and I be like, ‘Man, there’s no way people think I’m not the fastest person. I’m faster than John Wall. I’m faster than John. Russ is extremely explosive. I’m faster than Westbrook. … If we’re talking about from baseline to baseline with the ball in my hands, I’m definitely the fastest person in the league.”

So far this season, De’Aaron Fox is averaging 17.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 7.3 assists while shooting 47.0 percent from the field and 37.0 percent from beyond the arc. Fox has really taken a leap in his sophomore campaign and continues to lead a Kings team that has shocked everyone. Nobody expected them to be fighting for a playoff spot, and yet Fox has accelerated not only his growth but the Kings’ as well.