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Knicks’ Evan Fournier hilariously goes full New Yorker with subway selfie vid

Evan Fournier Knicks

The New York Knicks spent big in the offseason to bring in veteran shooting guard Evan Fournier. The frenchman looks to make a big splash in the Big Apple on the court, but it looks like he’s first trying to get familiar with the city off of it.

The Knicks guard posted himself taking the subway, as if he was your average, daily grind New Yorker, and not an NBA star who’s made over $100 million in salary. He was rewarded with some train ride entertainment, care of a couple of gentlemen rocking a guitar and accordion.

Based on every single sitcom set in New York ever, owning a car in New York is highly impractical. Evan Fournier probably watches the same shows we do (so down-to-earth!) and took that piece of advice to heart.

Hopefully his assimilation amongst the people will help him provide exactly what they want from him – success in Madison Square Garden. The Knicks signed him to a hefty deal worth almost $80 million through four years. The expectation to be worth that on the court will be palpable from his very first game.

Let’s hope the subway doesn’t break down during Knicks games, else Evan Fournier might be late for warmups.