No pick is ever safe when it comes to NBA draft day. But for now, Jaden Ivey is going to the Detroit Pistons with the 5th pick in the 2022 draft. That's come amid endless speculation that the New York Knicks would do everything in their power to acquire him.

While their efforts may prove to be futile, that didn't stop Knicks superfan Spike Lee from putting in a final word with the young Ivey:

Jaden Ivey out of Purdue was seen as the consensus 4th best draft prospect and likely the one most plausibly acquired given that the top 3 was virtually a lock and the Sacramento Kings already working with a bevy of guards.

With the Kings likely passing on Ivey, which is indeed what happened once they were on the clock, the Knicks were working the phones to trade for a pick to select him. But with the Pistons getting their hands on him to pair with last year's prized prospect Cade Cunningham, the outlook for Knicks fans is looking bleak.

But Spike Lee might be playing the long game with Jaden Ivey, planting the seeds for a potential move way down the line. With the way that the NBA has turned into a carousel among stars, who knows?