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Reporter goes off at Knicks PR for only giving him two minutes with RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett, Knicks

Today’s debacle involving the New York Knicks comes in the form of an NBA reporter absolutely going off on the team’s PR for allegedly not giving him enough mic time with New York rookie RJ Barrett. According to beat writer Ryan Wolstat, he was left incensed by the team’s decision to significantly cut down Barrett’s availability to the press.

If this allegation has any truth behind it, then it would be another terrible move by the Knicks’ public relations team. It would have been different if each reporter was given two minutes to ask a question to Barrett, but for the entire interview involving all the media personnel in attendance to last just 120 seconds would be atrocious. There’s no reason not to believe that guys like Wolstat would have prepared diligently for their face-to-face with Barrett, and to be cut short in this manner would be irritating, to say the least.

This incident follows the fiasco involving Knicks consultant Steve Stoute and his ridiculous claims during an ESPN interview. The Knicks were forced to release a statement shortly after, which pretty much refuted everything Stout has said previously. All in all, it was yet another PR nightmare for the organization.

It’s as if the Knicks are just actively trying to look bad in the public’s eye at this point. All this almost seems as though it is becoming somewhat intentional. Either that or there are just some people within the organization that are not doing their jobs well.