While an entire fan base and region ponders what could have been had Aaron Rodgers not suffered a torn Achilles Monday night, Spike Lee is spreading some local sports positivity.

The Academy Award winner did not have a positive spin on the New York Jets quarterback situation, but he is predicting big success for his favorite team. “Last night was a disaster, but we got the Knicks, though!,” Lee told The New York Times' Christopher Maag. “We’re going to conference finals at least! I have full belief.”

First off, it should be noted that the Jets did at least pull out a stunning overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills. But clearly, Zach Wilson does not inspire a ton of confidence, Secondly, and quite notably, any potential despair could be mended if the New York Knicks are indeed ready to take the next step.

That is a big “if,” though. New York won 47 games in a fairly deep Eastern Conference last season and advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs for the first time since 2013. A triumphant showing versus the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening round felt like a major breakthrough.

The Knicks' most recognizable superfan clearly thinks this team is going to graduate to legitimate championship contention for the 2023-24 campaign. Despite finally having an All-Star-caliber point guard in Jalen Brunson, there are still factors that could keep them away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Both internal and external.

Julius Randle battled injury problems in the postseason and played inconsistently when fans were counting on him most. The organization may again be forced to examine his long-term compatibility on this Brunson-led group. And then there is the issue of having to survive a grueling gauntlet that could be even more formidable than it was last season.

The Cavs' young core could be a much tougher out if they continue to mature together, and the Milwaukee Bucks are poised for a bounce-back year. The only upper echelon team who could reasonably regress is the drama-ridden Philadelphia 76ers.

The Knicks, as currently constructed, might still be another difference-maker away from truly living up to this lofty Spike Lee proclamation. But New York fans could really use a reason to smile right now, so perhaps this is not the right time to apply logic. Have your fun.