It looks like recently retired Lakers star Kobe Bryant is not done with his former teammate Shaquille O'neal after all. No, he has not announced that he's joining the NBA on TNT.

Kobe has decided to train this summer with Shaq's son, Shareef O'Neal. Shareef told TMZ that Kobe offered to train with him this summer, and he accepted the offer.

“He was telling me I need to train with him … I'm going to probably start training with him this summer.”

Apparently this conversation took place during All-Star weekend in Toronto, and Shareef just opened up about it. As much friction that has been reported between Shaq and Kobe throughout their careers, you might never think Kobe would be open to offering Shaq's kids personal training.

Over the years it seems the two former stars' rocky relationship has come to a place of understanding, and Shaq has been very supportive of Kobe's career until the very last game.

Shareef was asking if he'd try to toast Kobe when they play eachother and his response was something Kobe would have no other way.

“If we play 1-on-1 … Imma try to win.”

Slim chance we'll get to see any footage of this one, but you can bet it would be a hit on the internet in an instant.

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