Kylie Jenner was staying in Paris, on vacation. During her trip she not only dressed in the most expensive, bougie, and chic outfits, she also attended Beyonce's Renaissance Tour when the show came to Paris. Jenner got to see Blue Ivy dance on stage in real time, per People.

On May 26, Jenner posted a video to her TikTok account of her in a limousine with her friends. Dressed in a full Courreges look with a nude illusion top, black leather sleeves, and a black skirt and boots, Jenner and her friends danced to the song HEATED by Beyonce. This was her foreshadowing to her 50 million followers, because at the end of the video, it zoomed in on her Beyonce tickets.

At the Renaissance tour concert, which Jenner saw in person, Beyonce brought Blue Ivy on stage to dance. Wearing matching silver jump suits, Blue Ivy danced in perfect sync with the Lion King song My Power and Black Parade. When she finished, everyone cheered and clapped while her mother said: “Give it up for Blue.”

After Kylie Jenner saw the Paris concert, she posted a now viral video of her high fashion outfits she wore while in the French city. In the video viewed millions of times, Jenner showed off four looks to an audio that prompts users to show outfits for the days of the week. All of her outfits were no doubt expensive, most of them consisted of black and white dresses or skirts. She kept it simple but chic, reflective of the city she was visiting.