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Lakers, Celtics getting most bets to win NBA Finals

LeBron James, Kyrie Irving

The hype is real. Reports say that the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are getting the most bets to win the NBA championship this season. While both teams would actually amp up the league if they faced in the Finals, they have to hurdle past the Golden State Warriors, an almost impossible task to do.

ESPN’s David Purdum has the story on Las Vegas’ preference of a renewed rivalry.

“It’s all Lakers and Celtics,” MGM sportsbook director Jeff Stoneback said.

Book by book across Las Vegas, the Los Angeles Lakers have attracted the most bets to win the NBA championship this season. The Boston Celtics, the favorites in the Eastern Conference, are a close second. The Celtics are 5-1 while the Lakers are 12-1 to win the title.

Safe to say that people are buying to a revisit of the 80s version of the NBA.

With LeBron James’ arrival in Los Angeles, fans have immediately put the Lakers among the league’s top teams. The franchise has assembled an interesting group of versatile and dynamic players, sparking beliefs that Magic Johnson, the team’s president of basketball operations, wanted to bring back the Showtime Lakers.

On the other hand, the Celtics are primed for supremacy in the Eastern Conference this season as superstars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving are fully-recovered from injuries that riddled them last year. They have a slew of dependable and talented young guys, plus a brilliant-minded coach in Brad Stevens.

Even so, the Warriors brought back their core and added another superstar in DeMarcus Cousins, making it tougher for opposing teams to snatch the Larry O’Brien trophy from the Bay Area.