Lakers news: 2016-17 L.A. team gets into friendly debate that has fans reminiscing
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2016-17 Lakers get into friendly debate that has fans reminiscing


The old times are usually the good times, or so they say. The Los Angeles Lakers have been struggling all year, and they will be missing the playoffs for the sixth straight season. But while most people are already looking forward this summer, when the team is expected to get a high pick in the draft and sign a top free agent, some of the purple and gold’s former players had some fun talking about last season on Twitter.

So here’s what happened. Corey Brewer initially started a Q&A on Twitter.

While fans stormed with tons of questions for the veteran forward, Larry Nance Jr. decided to join in the fun by asking Brewer who had the most wins in their shooting contests last season.

Brewer responds, saying Nance wasn’t the one who had the most shooting titles.

Of course, Ivica Zubac confidently claimed Brewer’s wild guess.

Julius Randle had something to say about the friendly debate.

But Brewer said he was cheating!

In the middle of the discussion, Tyler Ennis said some guys should not be included in their discussion.

For those who don’t know, some Laker players conducted shooting contests mostly after every practice last season.

Brewer, Nance, Zubac, Randle, and Ennis were all part of the year, and although they didn’t have much success, fans were clearly behind their back last year, as they supported the team’s mixture of young and veteran players.

So some fans can’t help but look back and feel sad.

Of course, all five players have either been traded by the Lakers, or they have been allowed to sign elsewhere.

Brewer is now with the Sacramento Kings, Nance is with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Julius Randle is with the New Orleans Pelicans, Ivica Zubac is with the Los Angeles Clippers, and Tyler Ennis is playing for Fenerbahçe in the EuroLeague.