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Lakers guard Alex Caruso gets all the love in the world amid free agency rumors

Lakers, Alex Caruso, Bulls

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso is an unrestricted free agent this 2021 offseason, and his future with the Purple and Gold remains murky.

While it sure looks like Caruso wants to stay in LA, the team’s recent trade for Russell Westbrook put doubts whether the Lakers would still want him back. Besides, he is expected to get a significant pay raise from the $2.7 million he received from each of the past two seasons.

Moreover, Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report recently indicated on the Hashtag Lakers podcast that the team is likely to consider only bringing Caruso back for $5-6 million per year. Any more than that and they are expected to let him go.

Caruso, however, won’t lack in suitors should the Lakers let him walk away. Aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the 27-year-old combo guard is set to have “multiple suitors” should he fully explore free agency.

With the ongoing talks about his possible departure, Lakers fans made sure to show some love to Caruso in a bid to prevent him from leaving the franchise.

Meanwhile, other Lakers fans event went the distance and offered a lot of little perks to the fan-favorite guard–from their Netflix accounts, Disney+ logins, Xbox Game pass, free laundry and more!

Now where could he find that kind of offer anywhere else?

Lakers fan certainly adore Alex Caruso. Unfortunately, it’s up to the LA front office to make an effort if they want to keep him. The NBA is still a business, and it’s understandable if the athletic playmaker will choose what’s the best for him.

At the end of the day, the Lakers fan base will always have an appreciation for the true GOAT.