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Lakers’ Anthony Davis having worse season than Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson, per Charles Barkley

Lakers, Jazz, Anthony Davis, Jordan Clarkson, Charles Barkley

The Inside the NBA crew announced the All-Star starters for this year’s game in Atlanta. Throughout the announcement, the guys were debating on the top players in the NBA and the impact that they’re having on the season.  Hall of Famer Charles Barkley made a bold statement explaining that Utah Jazz sixth man Jordan Clarkson is having a better season than Lakers forward Anthony Davis.

The statement led to a spark of debates throughout the rest of the pregame show.

Clarkson has done a phenomenal job at bringing energy to Utah’s rotation off the bench. He’s averaging 18.2 points on 45% shooting. The Utah Jazz have been on a roll lately, standing at 24-5 on the season and winning nine of their last 10 games. Clarkson’s emergence continues to put him in the sixth man of the year conversation

As for Anthony Davis, the nine-year veteran got off to a slow start for the Lakers. Through the first portion of the season, Davis has been forced to miss time due to a strained Achilles. He’ll miss two to three weeks minimum but regardless, AD is still a key piece of the Lakers lineup.

Although Barkley admitted that Davis is still the better player, he stands by his statement that he believes Clarkson is having a better season than Davis.

The Lakers star will miss out on this year’s festivities due to the injury, while Clarkson still has a shot at being named a reserve.