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Lakers news: Brandon Ingram has grown to at least 6-foot-11, completely changed his shooting stroke

Brandon Ingram

The Los Angeles Lakers have great aspirations for the upcoming season, boasting a very different look from last season and with promising young players. One of them has already started to show promise in lanky forward Brandon Ingram, who dropped 28 points in his first and only game of Summer League, also impressing coaches with his offseason routines.

The recently-turned-20-year-old now has reportedly grown to at least 6-foot-11, forcing him to completely change his shooting form after adding two inches to his previous recorded height, according to Mike Trudell on ESPN’s Thompson and Trudell podcast.

“I think he might be 6’11”, if not 7 feet,” said Trudell. “I think he’s at least 6’11”, looks a little bit more stout on the shoulders.”

“He completely changed his mechanics this season. Not only is his stroke completely smoothed, but the base of his legs, which was a problem when he started that year, he felt like he was trying to push his three-pointer with his hands and with his arms in his release point, because he didn’t have that leg strength that you have to develop at the NBA level to take multiple shots per game.”

While the re-design of his shot is a large advancement, given how much of the offensive game revolves around a proper jump shot from all areas of the court — Ingram has made other steps to better his game coming into his sophomore season.

“In the meantime, he’s gotten more explosive. His first step is quicker,” said Trudell. “I talked to some other coaches, some players — everybody said that small sample size we saw in Vegas — he has now gotten better from that point.”

Ingram struggled to begin the season, but picked up consistency as the season went on, giving Lakers fans more than just a glimmer of hope after seeing him at the end of the season, ultimately raising eyebrows during the Summer League.

Trudell also said his favorite player to play with is Lonzo Ball, opening up the possibility for a beautiful dynamic between the two youngster this upcoming season that is only weeks away.