Lakers news: Channing Frye's hilarious shot at Isaiah Thomas in tweet about his surgery
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Lakers’ Channing Frye takes hilarious mini-jab at Isaiah Thomas in tweet about his surgery

Channing Frye and Isaiah Thomas

Los Angeles Lakers newly-acquired veteran power forward Channing Frye is known for his great sense of humor across the league. On Monday afternoon while talking about his recent appendectomy surgery, he accidentally (or purposefully, who knows) took a hilarious shot at Lakers star point guard Isaiah Thomas.

“Having stitches in your belly button is about as bad as it seems. sneezing is literally me avoiding the feeling of a Katana blade in my guts!” Frye said.

However, it was his hashtag he used afterward that many people thought was really funny and a shot at his teammate Thomas.

Less than 10 minutes after he posted that first tweet, Frye had seen a lot of the responses and seemingly went into damage control mode. He promptly posted a GIF of a flustered Stitch and added a priceless caption as well.

“It not IT lord ya’ll some savages!” Frye said.

In the final hours of a wacky NBA trade deadline, the 34-year-old Frye was acquired with Thomas and a 2018 first-round draft pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for guard Jordan Clarkson and forward Larry Nance Jr.

Frye and Thomas get to enjoy themselves for a few more days as part of the NBA All-Star break. On Friday night, the duo will play in their first home game at Staples Center when the Lakers host the Dallas Mavericks. The teams split the first two contests at American Airlines Center and will see each other once again in Los Angeles at the end of March.