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Chris Bosh present at Lakers’ practice once again

Chris Bosh

After failing his physical with the Miami Heat before the start of last season, Chris Bosh has rarely made public appearances, and has not been seen near NBA practice facilities. However, that changed recently, when he was seen attending the Los Angeles Lakers’ practice session.

The former 11-time All-Star was spotted chatting with the team’s GM, Rob Pelinka, while the players were busy taking some shots. It can be recalled that earlier this month, Bosh was also present at the facility, and his latest visit is already his second in only a matter of weeks.

It is also worth noting that Chris Bosh hired the services of Pelinka last year as his agent, but their business partnership did not last long, as the Lakers offered the 47-year-old to be their front office executive. However, it’s clear that they still remain friends, and maintain communication.

Despite his health issues, particularly with blood clots, Chris Bosh made it known that he has not given up yet on playing once again at the highest level. Although there are no clear signs pointing that he may suit up for the Lakers someday, his two visits to their practice facility have definitely increased speculations that he may wear the Purple and Gold jersey in the future.