A month after his appearance in the Drew League, LeBron James is back in the Pro-Am scene. This time around, the Lakers star will be playing in Seattle as part of Jamal Crawford's CrawsOver. Like the Drew League, this will be the first time LeBron will play in the tournament in a LOOOONG time.

Of course, fans are already excited about the appearance of LeBron James in this high-profile event. With many people bound to line up for the event, one dedicated fan has already camped out in front of the venue… 24 hours before the game starts. Talk about being committed to the cause! (via ClutchPoints)

It's not everyday that one of the greatest NBA players of all-time will show up in your local Pro-Am league. That's the beauty of leagues like the CrawsOver; it allows fans to watch players like LeBron and others duke it out in a semi-serious setting. There's a reason why more and more players have been flocking these leagues this year.


Aside from LeBron, other NBA players will also take the court tomorrow. These include players like Dejounte Murray, Chet Holmgren, and Paolo Banchero. A couple of these players have gained notoriety in the last few weeks due to their antics on the court. With the Lakers star sharing the same court as them, will Murray have that same fire he's been playing with recently.

This will surely be an electrifying game for fans to sure into. We'll see just how seriously LeBron James takes this game this time around.