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Danny Green admits Lakers are ‘nowhere near’ the level they want to be

Danny Green, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers will officially begin their 2019-20 season against the Los Angeles Clippers, but Danny Green doesn’t want fans to expect too much in the first game.

The veteran guard admitted that the team is nowhere near the level they want to be at. He also warned viewers that the first few regular season games will be preseason-like.

“Everybody’s excited to get the season started, but we know we’re nowhere near where we want to be at — most teams aren’t. So, even though it’s regular season, these games are going to be very much like preseason games,” Green said, per Sacha Pisani of Sporting News.

Only six players from last season’s Laker roster returned this year, and Green said it will take time for them to play well with each other and understand the system the coaches are trying to preach.

“We just try to get better and win as we’re getting better and getting to learn each other — learn the systems, learn our identity and also how to play other teams and other team’s identity,” the 32-year-old two-time champion added.

The Lakers were able to assemble a roster filled with savvy veterans, who have tons of experience under their belts. At this point, they all just want to win a championship. The players will definitely show a lot of flaws during the first few games of the season, but they should be able to get the hang of playing alongside each other after a couple of weeks.

Right now, Green and Co. just want to get things started. They will worry about the getting-used-to part as the season progresses.

“We’re excited from all angles: From the players, to the coaches, to staff to the fans and we’re going to have some fun with it but we’re not nowhere where we want to be.”