Lakers news: DeMarcus Cousins' role with Los Angeles after being waived
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DeMarcus Cousins’ role with Lakers after getting waived, per Frank Vogel

Frank Vogel, DeMarcus Cousins, Lakers

DeMarcus Cousins may no longer be on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster, but that doesn’t mean the former All-Star center won’t be around the squad.

Cousins was waived earlier this week to clear space for Markieff Morris, who was bought out by the Detroit Pistons. Morris is averaging a career-high 17.7 points per 36 minutes through 44 games this season.

However, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel noted that Cousins would remain around the team in a limited capacity. He’ll use the Lakers facilities to continue rehabbing the torn ACL he suffered last August, though he will not sit with the team at home games nor travel with them.

There had been some hope that Boogie could return for the playoffs, as he did with the Golden State Warriors. Regardless, the Lakers have Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee, and Dwight Howard in the rotation and were more in need of wing depth after missing out on acquiring Markieff’s twin brother, Marcus, at the deadline.

Cousins recently praised the Lakers chemistry on the All the Smoke podcast:

“I’ve never been a part of a team like this. Just the vibe of the team is like if we move its 1 through 15. One dude going to the movies we all going to the movies.”

Assuming there’s no market for Cousins, it’s a nice move by the Lakers to keep Cousins around to rehab as the team makes a championship run.