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Dennis Schroder’s 2 cryptic Instagram moments pre-Game 6 vs. Suns

Dennis Schroder, LeBron James, Lakers

Dennis Schroder has been acting weird all day on social media. After removing the title “PG for the Los Angeles Lakers” from his Instagram bio earlier in the day, the 27-year-old has now — for one reason or another — decided to put it back.

It looks like Schroder has been pressured into re-editing his IG bio (h/t LakeShowYo on Twitter):


The damage has been done, though. With his cryptic activity, Schroder has already fueled rumors about his impending exit from the Lakers.

Schroder was heavily criticized following his lackluster performance in Game 5’s drubbing courtesy of the Phoenix Suns. if we are to believe the rumors, it looks like Schroder took the berating to heart and has decided to reconsider his future with the Lakers.

Then again, this could very well mean nothing at all. Perhaps Dennis was just cleaning up his social media profiles and he thought that that information was no longer significant. This is quite a stretch though, right? I mean, the timing itself is extremely suspicious already.

Whatever the case may be, Schroder will need to be at his very best on Thursday when the Lakers face off against the Suns in a do-or-die battle. A loss for the defending champs here would officially mark the end of their season. That would be nothing short of a catastrophe for LA, and if that happens to be the case, then perhaps Schroder is right in already thinking about his next move in the offseason.