Lakers news: Dwight Howard anti-vax theory values opinions over science
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Dwight Howard’s anti-vaccine rhetoric favors opinions over science

Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard

Los Angeles Lakers center and notable anti-vaxxer Dwight Howard doubled down on his disbelief in vaccines, as he was once again asked about it on Tuesday as the Lakers held yet another practice.

Howard stood by his opinion, but did not let facts or science affect it in the least bit:

“That is my personal opinion,” said Howard, according to Saad Yousuf of The Athletic. “If you got an opinion on something, don’t let nobody change your opinion on it… Don’t let nobody change your thoughts and opinions.”

Howard has been subject to ridicule for being part of the anti-vaxxer crowd. If that wasn’t enough, that revelation was only rooted in his unwillingness to wear a mask while at the Disney World bubble, despite having already been reprimanded for violating the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

Teammate Jared Dudley recently spoke about Howard’s take. Dudley did not defend Howard, but he also didn’t condemn him despite a vast difference of opinion.

Yet, this isn’t believing the Earth if flat or deciphering whether astral signs really affect people’s personalities — it’s a life or death situation in the midst of an ongoing worldwide pandemic.

Howard’s willingness to value his opinion over science is about as galaxy brain as it gets, as Yousuf ensured to note at the end of his tweet: “I hope, for betterment of society, we’re open to changing bad opinions.”

The NBA has always had a few characters with some screws loose, but Howard is receiving major attention for his comments due to playing for one of the most popular franchises. Unfortunately, his “personal opinion” is the type that often mischaracterizes players as uninformed and uneducated.