Rajon Rondo's airing out of grievances set up a domino effect after the Los Angeles Lakers guard boldly told ESPN how he had gotten a bad rap about his character based on how the suspensions were doled out, making him the villain of his altercation with Chris Paul. In the rant, Rondo described Paul as a “horrible teammate” — something other players around the league had murmured in different occasions.

NBA insider Chris Broussard got to asking questions and confirmed Rondo's take on the matter.

“To your point, other guys came out like Ryan Hollins, Glen “Big Baby” Davis saying CP3 was a bad teammate — I spoke or texted with a Clippers executive yesterday and asked them is Rondo right about Chris Paul being a bad teammate? He said he was right,” said Broussard as a guest in Fox Sports 1's Undisputed. “Chris does have that reputation, he said the reasoning was, he's abrasive, when he's on the court directing traffic, he's telling you go here or go there and according to [the executive] he doesn't take responsibility for his mistakes. He's pointing out all the teammates ‘you didn't do this, you didn't do that' but then when he messes up, doesn't really take responsibility for it.”

Broussard also compared Chris Paul's image to Derek Fisher's — a player that was immaculate as long as he wore a Lakers jersey, but his true nature became unveiled once he aired out his grievances during his short stint with Utah — an image that soon fell apart after rumors of his romantic life swirled headlines while coaching the New York Knicks.

Paul's image gets a boost due to his superstar status in the league, while Rondo is viewed as a mercurial player and a misfit due to his blunt actions as a locker room leader. The latter broke an unspoken rule by pointing the finger at Paul, but chances are he really can't care less, as the two have had a long-standing beef for 10 years and Rondo has little image left to protect.