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Lakers front office isn’t fond of diss exchanges between Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma

lonzo ball, kyle kuzma

The Los Angeles Lakers are only days away from being able to lure two of the biggest free agent talents to their franchise, yet the atmosphere around the organization isn’t doing much to sell itself as a destination.

While the likes of LeBron James and Paul George evaluate their future, rookies Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma have spent the last week going back and forth with diss tracks, that while believed to be in fun nature between two friends, spell a playground environment, rather than a team with a goal in mind.

via Ramona Shelburne on ESPN Radio:

Shelburne: “[The Lonzo Ball diss track towards Kyle Kuzma] seemed light-hearted, however, Kuzma, I’m told, or at least I hear, is coming out with another Lonzo Ball diss track in the next few days. And I don’t know, if you’re the Lakers and you’re talking about trying to recruit Paul George and LeBron James, is this what you want your two young stars to be doing two weeks before free agency? I think not.”
Cassidy Hubbarth: “So are you hearing that the Lakers are upset with this? ”
Shelburne: “Yeah.”

Ball and Kuzma have proven to be an exciting pair on the court, but these free agents are looking not only for a destination but a team that will allow them to win in the long run.

The interaction between the two seems rather playful, but surely not the attitude expected from two starter-quality players for a franchise that didn’t make the playoffs last season.