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Isiah Thomas claims Lakers’ LeBron James ‘never had the benefit of Hall of Fame coaches’

Isiah Thomas, LeBron James, Lakers

For NBA icon Isiah Thomas, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers has never had a Hall of Fame-type coach by his side.

Speaking on First Things First, Thomas believes that James’ coaches in his career were never the elite-level types.

“This is where the NBA and our league has truly failed LeBron James: every place he’s gone, they’ve always given him either a first year coach or someone they were experimenting with. LeBron James has never had the benefit of Hall of Fame coaches.”

In James’ 16 year career, he has had a total of seven coaches. Sans the newly minted Frank Vogel, James’ coaches were Luke Walton, Tyronn Lue, David Blatt, Erik Spoelstra, Mike Brown, Paul Silas, and Brendan Malone. Among them, only Spoelstra and Lue have helped him win a championship. Brown and Blatt, meanwhile, have helped him get to the NBA Finals.

It’s hard to validate Thomas’ statements. As of this writing, several NBA fanatics have already rebutted him, noting that Spoelstra is going to be in the Hall of Fame soon. Blatt, too, is seen as one hell of a coach. Brown, meanwhile, is seen as one the best assistant coaches in the NBA right now for the Golden State Warriors.

Agree or not with Thomas’ claims, it’s still an intriguing thought to play with.