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Kobe Bryant’s career mirrored Snoop Dogg’s

Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg was recently a guest on Portland Trail Blazers small forward Carmelo Anthony’s Youtube show and the two talked about Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Snoop had a very close relationship with Bryant, so the Lakers icon’s tragic death in January hit the legendary rapper hard.

During his conversation with Anthony, Snoop talked about how Bryant’s career with the Lakers “was a perfect mirror of my career,” via Robby Kalland of DIME:

“You know what, it was crazy, because you can look at our careers as being parallel,” Snoop Dogg said about Kobe Bryant.

“When he came in the league he was young, and when I came into the league I was young. And we came to great franchises, and at the same time we had to earn our position, wasn’t nothin’ given, and once we got it we didn’t look back. Whoever’s spot we took wasn’t ever getting back on the court again, and then from there we had to learn how to be a team player. From learning how to be a team player, we had to learn how to be a family man, then from being a family man, we had to learn how to adjust later in our careers to not being as good as we were — or as best as we could be. And then we had to adjust to life after, life after being the best basketball player in the world to being a businessman, a father, an advocate for women and basketball for girls.

“So that for me, that’s the perfect mirror of what my career was as far as the things that I’ve done with my football league and becoming a family man.”

Just by watching this video, you can see in both Snoop and Anthony’s eyes that they still aren’t over Bryant’s passing. It’s certainly going to take a while for everyone to truly get over the tragic events since Kobe Bryant had such a big impact on so many people.

The next time we could possibly see Snoop and Anthony in a room together is next year when Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.