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Lakers news: Kobe Bryant joins LeBron James in calling out Donald Trump

Kobe Bryant, lakers

Following President Donald Trump’s decision to take to Twitter to withdraw the invite for the Golden State Warriors due to Stephen Curry’s comments, there has been some massive response via social media in and around the league.

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant weighed in on the situation via Twitter by firing away at Trump in his own manner.

There is much truth to what Bryant has stated as since Trump has taken office, there has been much decisiveness that has leaked over into the sports world. His actions over the first several months of his presidency haven’t exactly rubbed many the right away, especially how he handled the Charlotteville situation.

This situation, in particular, has created a strong backlash from many players across the league ranging from Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James calling out Trump in a tweet by calling him a “bum” to Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal questioning the validity of the president’s withdrawal of the invitation when Curry had stated he didn’t want to go.

It is clearly a matter that has touched the heartstrings of many current and former players in the NBA for many reasons. There are likely much more similar responses to come in the next few days.