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Kobe Bryant reveals he attended one year of summer school at UCLA after his rookie season

Kobe Bryant

There may have been a multitude of articles, write-ups, and even some books about Kobe Bryant, but there are still some facts about him that catch his fans by surprise whenever he makes them known publicly. Such was the case recently when Bryant revealed on Twitter that he took a year of summer school after his rookie season.

Despite entering the NBA straight out of high school, The Black Mamba replied to a fan and shared that he indeed took the classes at UCLA during the summer of 1997.

Now the CEO of his own company, his learnings from completing summer school should come in handy, as it helps him become a successful businessman these days. The five-time NBA champion has had different ventures since retiring from professional basketball, and has also spent a lot of time with his family. Being a role model to a lot of his fans, his revelation may inspire them to also stay in school, to help make them succeed in their careers as well.

Bryant’s tweet goes to show that there’s more to him than just being a very good basketball player. He may have already set himself up for life with all the earnings he’s had, but nothing can substitute formal education, which he had even when he was already in the NBA.