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Kwame Brown blasts Lakers’ Anthony Davis as fake leader after Dwight Howard incident

Anthony Davis Kwame Brown Lakers Dwight Howard

NBA Twitter was buzzing after the very conspicuous flare up between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. The two Los Angeles Lakers stars were seen squabbling on the sidelines as the game against the Phoenix Suns started getting out of hand.

While both Davis and Howard have issued statements squashing the supposed beef, not everyone is willing to move on just like that. Fellow number one overall draft pick and former Lakers big man Kwame Brown called out AD for his improper leadership and disrespecting a “grown man” in Dwight Howard.

Check out Kwame’s impassioned rant below (via Reddit user JetGan):

“The Anthony Davis situation – I think that was terrible,” said Brown. “I think Anthony Davis is a very talented player. But Anthony Davis, in my opinion, you’re no leader. Because you called this man Dwight Howard your brother? Let me explain what you just did for your brother. Dwight Howard is a veteran in this league. That should come with a little bit of respect.”

Kwame Brown asserts that the approach Anthony Davis took to confront his Lakers teammate was simply misguided and not the way a true leader would have done it.

“You’re not running up on no god d–n rookie,” said Brown directed at the Lakers star. “You running up on a grown a– man. What I saw was a man trying to assert his leadership, but he did it like a boy. The moment you’d walk up to me and you put your hand on my chest, hitting my chest. We ain’t talking about basketball no more.”


Kwame Brown was vocal that the precise body language Anthony Davis had in dealing with the situation was detrimental to actually resolving anything on the basketball court.

One thing that would definitely fix everyone’s body language and tone down their hot tempers would be a win. The Lakers just need to put a few wins on the board in order to let cooler heads prevail.