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Kyle Kuzma admits players are not used to how open they are with LeBron James just being on the floor


Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is used to getting more wide open looks since LeBron James joined the team last season.

With the team adding a lot of fresh faces this year, the third year player bared that some of his new teammates are still getting used to playing with a superstar of James’ caliber.

“Playing with LeBron, he’s the center of attention at all times. On the court, everybody’s looking at him. A lot of times when guys come here, they’re not used to having wide-open shots,” he said in a video posted on the Lakers’ official Twitter page.

“That’s something that he supplies for us. It might be a challenge for some guys, or an adjustment–not so much a challenge. For the most part when we needed timely ones we’ve hit them. But we need to be more consistent.”

After winning just 35 games in James’ first year in a Laker uniform, the Purple and Gold is currently at the top of the standings after a blistering 6-1 start this season.

The team is averaging 23.6 assists per game, with 8.3 of those coming from James.

Kuzma, meanwhile, just returned to the team after recovering from an ankle injury he sustained during his stint with Team USA over the summer.

He has fully embraced his role as the team’s sixth man, notching 9.7 points and 3.3 rebounds in three games. It might take a few more games till Kuzma regains his in-game rhythm though, as he only makes 38.7 percent of his field goal attempts and has shot a combined 2-for-16 from three.