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Kyle Kuzma bids farewell to Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas, Kyle Kuzma, Lakers

There have been a lot of surprising moves this offseason and that continued on Thursday night when Isaiah Thomas agreed to a one-year deal with the Denver Nuggets.

This seems like a good move for both sides and could have high payoffs for both. It’s a low-risk-high-reward type of decision for the Nuggets who don’t have much to lose by signing him to a one year deal. It also allows Thomas to get healthy and play on a winning team and then re-enter free agency next year.

Last year, Thomas spent most of the season with the Los Angeles Lakers and he made a big impact on some of the young guys. Kyle Kuzma took to Twitter on Thursday night to thank Thomas for everything he taught him during the short time.

Thomas has always been an underdog, being the last pick in the 2011 draft; and although Kuzma wasn’t that overlooked, he wasn’t drafted until late in the first round. As much as Kuzma might miss Thomas, he is excited about the new guy that is coming in and joining the team, LeBron James.

“It was very short; he was headed out of the country,” Kuzma said of the conversation via the LA Times’ Tania Ganguli. “It’s a bunch of excitement. Getting one of the greatest players of all time. Not too many players can say that.”

Kuzma is also excited about what he will be able to learn from James, and he will keep a close eye on what he does every day.

“I’m gonna learn a lot,” Kuzma said. “I’m going to have a chance to be front and center with him every single day whether at practice or on the road I’m going to have a chance to pick his brain. He knows everything about how to, whether it’s in business or being a great basketball player.”