Lakers news: LA makes Rob Pelinka vice president of basketball operations and GM
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Lakers make Rob Pelinka vice president of basketball operations and GM

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The Los Angeles Lakers have named executive Rob Pelinka as both vice president of basketball operations and team general manager.

Following Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson’s resignation as the team’s president in April 2019, Pelinka became the chief decision-maker in Los Angeles’ front office.

However, there was no clear distinction in title for the once-agent turned NBA executive. Pelinka will now serve as both the team’s vice president and GM, according to the team on Friday.

Not only was Pelinka given an official new job title, his contract was also extended.

Part of Johnson’s resignation involved the inability to execute the drawn-out Anthony Davis trade. The trade was finally completed before the draft last June. However, by the time a deal was finalized, the Lakers and Pelicans both went through front-office transformations. Pelinka took over as GM again without Johnson’s involvement Meanwhile, the Pelicans hired former Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin as executive vice president.

Pelinka pulled the trigger on what will be a franchise-altering trade in acquiring Davis. In order to do so, Pelinka and the Lakers had to part with young players in Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart alongside multiple future first-round draft picks. The trade lined Griffin’s pocket with assets to build around while selecting Duke power forward Zion Williamson first overall.

Despite the heavy casualties suffered in acquiring Davis, “The Brow” is another bona fide star playing alongside LeBron James.

More importantly, the Lakers are now the best team in the Western Conference.