Lance Stephenson of the Los Angeles Lakers was one of the key players who stepped in the middle to stop the Rajon Rondo-Chris Paul scuffle from turning into a brawl.

As reported by Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints, Stephenson says the whole team was just playing hard and trying their best to lock in their first victory of the season. He believed that the Lakers had the momentum but then the altercation happened.

He added that he was trying to break up the scuffle, noting that no one really wanted to fight. He further emphasized the Lakers' will to win. But unfortunately, they just came up short against the Houston Rockets.

The altercation between the players garnered much attention during and after the fact. Probably because it involved two of the most popular teams in the league today. Or maybe because punches were thrown between the league's top point guards.

Either way, the NBA handed out pretty fair suspensions to the parties involved. And among the penalties, it seems that the Lakers will be the most affected. After all, this year's version of the purple and gold hasn't really developed the ample chemistry. And the only way for them to play well is to get more minutes together. Sadly, for the next three to four games, they will be short-handed.