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LAPD union wants Lakers star LeBron James investigated for deleted Ma’Khia Bryant tweet

Lakers, LAPD, LeBron James, Ma'Khia Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers superstar is under fire after a now-deleted tweet after the Columbus shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant. Now the Los Angeles Police Department has sent a letter asking the NBA to investigate the situation regarding The King, according to WBNS. 

James has been an activist for a long time and after he took to Twitter to express his thoughts around the same time that Derek Chauvin was convicted in the murder of George Floyd. LeBron tweeted then deleted “ACCOUNTABILITY”, then Tweeted “You’re Next” after the video of Ma’Khia Bryant’s shooting went viral online.

A member of the Los Angeles Police Department division said James was a “hypocrite” and accused LeBron of “inciting violence towards police officers”. 

While the reports regarding the shooting were conflicting, with some in defense of the officer, James is under hot fire for Tweeting and putting his thoughts out there so quickly. He later deleted the tweet, although it took a few hours for him to take it down.

The letter asked NBA commissioner Adam Silver to look into this further, and whether or not further punishment comes down from the league office remains to be seen.

What the NBA decides to do will be rather interesting, as James remains one of the symbols of the league and has done a lot of work in the community over the past few years. The situation regarding the Lakers star is one to keep an eye on.