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Lakers star LeBron James’ 11-word message to all his haters 18 years since NBA debut

Lakers, LeBron James

After 18 years in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is pretty much used to all the hate he continues to receive.

LeBron hinted as much in his latest Twitter activity where he retweeted a video clip of him playing his first ever game in Oracle Arena against the Warriors. In the said video, the then Cleveland Cavaliers rookie was booed a lot throughout, and James couldn’t help but reflect how he has been hated for years already.

However, he is not complaining one bit. In fact, it seems the Lakers forward understands it’s just the nature of competition and it’s what makes the game even more fun.

LeBron James has definitely come a long way. While he struggled and failed to win with the Cavs in his first stint with the team, he eventually came back and led the team to the promised land in 2016.

In what could be said as poetic justice, LeBron beat the Warriors to give Cleveland its first Larry O’Brien trophy–probably making those Dubs fans who booed him years before cry in tears.

LeBron is now a four-time champion, four-time NBA MVP and four-time Finals MVP. His last title came with the Lakers in 2019-20, leading the Purple and Gold to their NBA-tying 17th championship.

While LeBron knows his haters will always continue to criticize and boo him, the Lakers superstar has certainly done enough to prevent people from denying his greatness and impact to the game of basketball.