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VIDEO: Lakers star LeBron James’ 37-foot attempt in OT with 6.2 seconds left vs. Wizards was a mistake

Lakers, LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James took matters into his own hands by jacking up a 37-foot 3-pointer against the Washington Wizards on Monday. It was a chance to tie and send the game to another overtime. However, what LA got was another L instead.

With no timeouts left, James casually rose up from way beyond the 3-point line. The Lakers star himself noted that he won’t ever take a shot that he doesn’t practice. These types of shots do go in for the four-time MVP, but against the Wizards and amid all the pressure, LeBron failed to capitalize.

It initially looked like a bad shot. After all, 6.2 seconds is a lot of time to set up a quick drive and dish to a wide-open three. But from the looks of it, James took the shot with plenty of time left so if he misses it, then whoever gets the rebound will have ample time left to hoist up another one.

Nonetheless, the Lakers just failed to connect on their two cracks at the basket that would’ve extended the game. This marks LA’s third consecutive loss, as the absence of big man Anthony Davis is really taking its toll on the defending champs.