Did LeBron James just react to Kyrie Irving‘s blockbuster trade to the Dallas Mavericks? The timing and the content of the Los Angeles Lakers superstar's three-word tweet seems to be pointing to the notion that he actually has. And it's hilarious.

In his first tweet since the Kyrie deal, LeBron has unsurprisingly sent NBA Twitter into a tizzy with his “reaction”:

“Maybe It’s Me,” James wrote in his tweet.

A quick peek at the comments section proves that the mean streets of Twitter are absolutely convinced that LeBron was reacting to eh Kyrie trade. Then again, he did have the first letter of each word capitalized, which could mean that he was merely promoting the 2001 sitcom on The WB Network that was about a 15-year-old teenage girl. I highly doubt that, though.

If this was indeed about the Irving news — which LeBron will likely deny if he is asked about it — then this could be a hilarious knock on himself. He seems to be (sarcastically) implying that it's his fault that the Lakers failed to bring Kyrie Irving to Hollywood in what would have been an epic reunion between the two former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates.

Whatever the case may be, the reality now is that it's going to be a Kyrie Irving-Luka Doncic partnership in Dallas. That's going to be quite a duo and all eyes will be on them in the coming weeks. LeBron James himself will likely be keeping a close watch as he scouts their new competition out in the West.