Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is just like all of us. James wants to know if the recent speculation that NBA referee Eric Lewis has a burner account on Twitter is true. James took to Twitter on Saturday, posting the following four-word question onto his account.

“This Eric Lewis 💩 true??? 🤨”

The Lakers superstar asked the same question that is on every NBA fan's mind regarding the Eric Lewis situation.

Lewis, a referee in the NBA for the past 19 seasons, has been accused of having a burner account on Twitter after two users noticed a pattern in an account's tweets.

Evidently, the NBA must think there's something there, as they opened an official review into the Twitter account's activities to discover if Lewis is behind the tweets.

The account mainly sends out posts defending Lewis or gets into arguments with other Twitter users about games that Lewis has officiated. It has since been deleted.

The NBA certainly has a history with burner accounts, as superstar forward Kevin Durant reportedly utilized one in response to negativity he received as a result of his move to the Golden State Warriors.

Former Philadelphia 76ers front office executive Bryan Colangelo's wife also allegedly had a burner account to defend her husband from criticisms. But an NBA referee possessing a secret account would be a first.

And James, who has also been the talk of the league after he seemingly openly pondered retirement after the Lakers' playoff elimination, wants answers.

James and every other NBA fan will be watching this Lewis burner account saga very closely.