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Lakers star LeBron James’ instant GIF reaction to Alex Caruso’s arrest

Lakers LeBron James Alex Caruso arrest

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso has reportedly been arrested for illegal possession of marijuana. The news was confirmed by Yahoo Sports’ Ben Rohrbach.

The Athletic reported on what is known on the Lakers guard’s arrest:

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso was arrested for possession of marijuana in Texas on Tuesday, according to Brazos County jail records.

The arrest, which also included a charge for possession of drug paraphernalia, was made by Texas A&M University Police, where Caruso a College Station, Texas, native, attended college. According to the records, the guard had less than two ounces of marijuana on him upon arrest. A cash bond was set for $3,000 and he paid a $552 fee for the paraphernalia.

While the exact specifics on the charges still aren’t out to the public, his Lakers teammate LeBron James had an instant reaction to hearing about the news. King James was reacting to renowned meme producer Josiah Johnson, who posted a hilarious clip of how LeBron would try to get Caruso out of jail.

It remains to be seen if LeBron James really will pull through for the Bald Mamba just like the memes show. But rest assured the King will do all he can to help out his fellow GOAT.