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LeBron James’ hyped Twitter reaction after winning Emmy award

LeBron James, Lakers, Emmy

LeBron James may have not won a second title with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he won his second Emmy award on Tuesday. That’s one heck of a consolation prize, right?

LeBron and the rest of the good people at Uninterrupted won Outstanding Edited Sports Series for The Shop. Upon hearing the victory, The King couldn’t help but get all fired up on Twitter, typing his reaction in capital letters, which as we all know is equivalent to screaming your lungs out atop Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In case you’ve actually been living atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, LeBron is the host and co-producer of The Shop, where he talks to different personalities and iconoclasts, most notably from the African-American community. It’s like a glamorized barbershop (hence, the title), where people can discuss a gamut of topics, from hip-hop, social justice, culture, and of course, good old basketball.

LeBron, who’s also the co-founder of Uninterrupted, won his first Emmy trophy in 2019 as one of the producers of What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali, which won Outstanding Long Sports Documentary.

LBJ continues to get recognized for his media work. Last month, he was nominated for the Peabody Awards for producing the Graduate Together special, a one-hour virtual ceremony that aired simultaneously on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC and on other social media platforms.
LeBron James has always said he’s more than an athlete, and his successful forays in other fields have proven that. Here’s to hoping he’ll continue to produce more relevant content. With or without another NBA title.