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LeBron James makes appearance in New York subway station

LeBron James

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was spotted in a New York subway station. Well… sort of.

As posted by travel blogger Imani via Twitter, a Nike ad featuring James was in the 42nd St. at Bryant Park Station in New York. Along with James, ads featuring Nike athletes Serena Williams and Shaquem Griffin were also spotted:

James, as many of you know, is on a lifetime deal with the brand. He recently released the LeBron 16, done in collaboration with the New York City-based fashion collective, Harlem Fashion Row. The shoe was designed especially for women.

In a statement via Nike, James said:

“As someone who has a platform, because of what I do, I thought it was important to lend that platform to a group of people that I believe are under-recognized,” says James. “Being the son, husband and father of strong African American women, I felt like this was something I wanted to do for them and for all the strong women out there who are succeeding despite what might be stacked against them.”

If the ad would’ve popped out back earlier when James had yet to decide which team to join, it would’ve started a wild rumor that he’d join the Knicks. But James is now a Laker. And the team has propped up a big ad featuring their new star in Staples Center: