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Lakers’ LeBron James opens up about how his mind works on the floor

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LOS ANGELES – Few players in the history of the NBA have been able to be a dominant force on the basketball floor like LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar can get it done as a facilitator and a scorer with a basketball I.Q. that is simply off the charts.

Although the Lakers lost to the visiting Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night at the Staples Center, the three-time NBA champion still put on a show. He was able to lead his team in scoring with 29 points while also dishing out nine assists, and after the game, he talked about his style of play and whether he predetermines what he’s going to do on the basketball floor.

“I never predetermine my moves,” LeBron said. “I never predetermine my plays. I just read and react. If I have an opportunity to score and I see the defense staying at home, then I look for that opportunity. If I see the defense is shifting over and they bring two guys on the ball, then I know I have a numbers game on the weak side. I know it’s four on three. I’ve been in those positions so many times throughout my career. I can literally close my eyes and know where my guys are going to be and read and react on that. So, that’s what it all boils down to.”

LeBron is playing in his 17th season in the NBA and is making a case for NBA MVP in the final stretch of the 2019-20 campaign. He’s leading the league in assists for the first time in his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career at 10.6 per game with no signs of slowing down.

Along with giving some insight into his on-court process, James talked about his Lakers teammates and getting to know them so well on the court where he could play with them with his eyes closed.

“It takes a while, especially when you have a new system and an entire new personnel group,” LeBron said. “We had a makeover besides for myself, Kuz, AC, JaVale, and KCP, and aside from that, we have a whole new system. It takes months and months and months to learn the system and learn where guys like the ball and where guys are going to be throughout the course of the game. You have to pay attention throughout the course of practice, film sessions, games and put yourself in the position to know with your eyes closed where everyone is no matter who is out on the floor.”

With LeBron playing some of the best basketball of his career and the Lakers among the league’s elite teams, the prospect of a fourth title for the perennial All-Star is a distinct possibility. At the moment, however, Los Angeles will be shooting for the best record in the NBA before heading into the playoffs for the first time since 2013.