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Lakers’ LeBron James purchases 13,000 sq. ft. Beverly Hills mansion last listed at $39,000,000


LeBron James as a Los Angeles Laker still hasn’t fully sunk in for some NBA fans. But it looks like everyone’s going to have to get used to him in the Purple and Gold for a little while longer. If his recent purchase in Beverly Hills is any indication, LeBron is planning on staying in the area for the long-term.

Real estate news outlet The Real Deal broke the news of LeBron James’ extravagant purchase in the Hills of Beverly. His mansion certainly does seem fit for a king, if I do say so myself.

Surely Lakers fans will revel in the fact that LeBron will be able to practice his backhand during his downtime. They won’t have to worry about him going cold either, with seven warmth-giving fireplaces to provide him heat during even the coldest winter.

There’s no indication of a basketball court though, which might worry some fans if ever another community quarantine *knocks on wood* ever hits us again. Just hoping LeBron doesn’t end up like another freak of nature MVP who didn’t have a hoop anywhere in his home.

Let’s also hope that the screening room is where he can get some pick-and-roll reps down with Anthony Davis and NOT a room where he watches old movies while snacking down with his sons.

One exciting wrinkle for this purchase is that we’ll all definitely be given a new setting for his Taco Tuesday saga which we will definitely expect to be a staple in LA for the coming years.

Cheers to your new home, LeBron.