Lakers news: LeBron James says missing Bronny James' games is the only things that sucks about 2019-20 season
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Lakers star LeBron James says missing Bronny James’ games is the only things that sucks about 2019-20 season

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The Los Angeles Lakers are thriving this 2019-20 season, enjoying the beautiful view at the top of the Western Conference and the NBA with their 23-3 record. However, it’s not that a perfect season if you ask LeBron James.

Following their hard-fought 113-110 victory over the Miami Heat, LeBron admitted that there’s some “sucky” things about the season — particularly the fact that he has missed a lot of games of his son, Bronny James Jr.

Bronny is representing Sierra Canyon, playing alongside Dwyane Wade’s son Zaire Wade. While D-Wade is likely always showing his full support of his son as he enjoys his retirement, the same can’t be said of LBJ who is hoping to carry the Lakers to the promised land this campaign.


“If you ask me what’s been the only sucky part about this season so far is that my son has played like six games into his freshman year and I haven’t seen one,” James said.

“I love what I do, I don’t take this for granted. This is a dream come true. But [it’s hard] missing my son, missing Bron Jr., missing Bryce’s first game the other day when we left for Orlando — his first game of the season — missing my daughter at gymnastics and things of that nature.

“I mean I understand it’s the business, but you know, it sucks.”

Fortunately for LeBron, he will have the chance to watch Bronny this weekend, with the Lakers taking a one-day break before visiting the Atlanta Hawks.

Remarkably, Bronny’s Sierra Canyon will face LeBron’s alma mater St. Vincent-St. Mary of Akron on Saturday.