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Lakers’ LeBron James trashed by original Space Jam director, claims he’s not Michael Jordan

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Joe Pytka, the creator of the first ‘Space Jam’ with Michael Jordan, wasn’t a fan of the film featuring Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. After the release of  ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ last weekend, everyone was excited to catch the animated masterpiece that has been in the works for years now, and, according to Pytka, it was rather underwhelming.

According to the director, there were a lot of issues for him regarding the sequel of his cult classic but for him, the most basic was that LeBron James isn’t the same superstar compared to Michael Jordan.

“The truth is that LeBron [James] ain’t Michael [Jordan],” Pytka told TMZ.

As per the 82-year-old director, Jordan was just a different icon in and outside the basketball world when the original flick was released. Back in 1996, when the original ‘Space Jam’ came out, Pytka said that MJ wasn’t just the best basketball player in the world, he was also the biggest celebrity in the world. That isn’t necessarily the case right now for the Lakers’ star.

He also mentioned how they worked hard in trying to connect the narrative of the original film to Jordan’s personal life and made it about him retiring from basketball to play baseball while this new version seemed to miss out on a few important details about James’ basketball career.

Pytka would also go on to roast the film, which, by the way, took him five sessions to finish the two-hour motion picture. From the supporting cast to the soundtrack, even to the depiction of the Looney Tunes’ star Bugs Bunny wasn’t safe from Pytka’s wrath.