Turning 18 is truly a special milestone in someone's life in a young person's life, one certainly worth celebrating. That's exactly what LeBron James' son Bronny did for his party as the Los Angeles Lakers star invited none other than Travis Scott.

Getting a live performance from one of the biggest artists in the world today isn't a bad way to spend your birthday. The James duo was visibly hyped as Travis Scott did his thing on stage:

Like a very self-aware dad, LeBron was visibly a few feet away in order to give his son most of the shine for the epic moment.

There are surely challenges that come with being the son of the best basketball player of the current generation, but the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. If you can get Travis Scott to perform at your party – and I'm willing to bet it's for free as a personal favor for LeBron – then that likely softens the blowback from other areas.

Bronny James is trying to follow in his father's footsteps though his journey will be taking him down different path in his quest to make it into the NBA.

While LeBron James was a generational prospect similar to how Victor Wembanyama is this season, Bronny has to prove to NBA scouts and GMs that he's more than just the Lakers star's son. King James has expressed his desire to play with his eldest before he retires, but it might take a few years before that becomes possible.