Lakers news: Magic Johnson says Los Angeles won't trade LeBron James
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Magic Johnson says Lakers won’t trade LeBron James

Magic Johnson, LeBron James

Magic Johnson is not of the opinion that Los Angeles Lakers will trade LeBron James despite rumors surrounding the possibility.

Johnson surprisingly resigned as president of the team in April, and many were unsure as to why he decided to leave the franchise.

However, Johnson made it clear in a recent interview on ESPN’s First Take that Rob Pelinka was one of the main reasons he chose to resign from his position.

And now with Pelinka still in charge as general manager of Lakers, there are many people speculating that LeBron could be traded at some point during the offseason.

But Johnson doesn’t think that’s even on the table right now, according to Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times:

Magic Johnson on the Lakers possibly trading LeBron James: “That’s not going to happen.”

While the Lakers are one of the most unpredictable franchises in the NBA, trading LeBron simply wouldn’t be in their best interest at this point.

There are still plenty of top targets that the team could land in free agency, and that would quickly help them move in the right direction.

And with lots of young talent already on the roster, the Lakers could find a way to make trades without LeBron being involved.

Either way, Pelinka and company must make a lot of important decisions during the offseason if the franchise is going to return to being an NBA title contender.