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Maverick Carter roasts LeBron James in post-workout photo

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Maverick Carter, LeBron James’ business manager, roasted the Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s post-workout photo with free agent Dwyane Wade.

For what it’s worth, Carter was also James’ teammate back in high school, he said:

Maverick Carter with real talk on LeBron James' 6-pack. 🗣

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These were pretty harsh comments. Good thing that James and Carter go way back in high school when they suited up for The Fighting Irish. James went on to the NBA and Carter went to a different path. Yet come 2006, they reunited. Carter, along with several others, formed part of James’ business team.

In a recent interview, Carter said that managing James has always been their plan.

“Unofficially it was the mindset that we kind of started to establish as youngsters before we even knew what we were doing,” he told William C. Rhoden of The Undefeated.

On managing the greatest player in the world, Carter said they looked at different business models as examples. They learned a lot from Nike and Jay-Z, noting that they plucked out elements they wanted and built their own model:

“We didn’t have one individual as a model,” Carter said. “We definitely took bits and pieces from what Magic has done, what Michael was able to build and establish with Nike.”

“The closest thing I could say as a model would be Jay-Z,” Carter said. “Just the way he thought to be empowered and empower his team and really become respected for more than just being a great rapper. So we took a little bit from all of those. But then we kind of developed our own models.”