It's been years since the world lost Kobe Bryant (RIP), but the basketball community continues to ensure that the Mamba's legacy never fades away. From stories by NBA players, to statues, murals and other works of art, the Los Angeles Lakers legend is still revered by those who follow the sport. Recently, the Nickerson Gardens gym in Watts, LA, was transformed to honor Bryant and his daughter, Gigi.

The gym's walls were designed with murals of Kobe and Gigi, as well as Bryant's signature shoes and Larry O'Brein trophies. In addition, the colorway of the entire court was none other than the Lakers' purple and gold. Just take a look at the amazing artistry below. (via Kobe Bryant Stories & Motivation)

Along with Watts residents, Vannessa Bryant was present on Monday for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the newly renovated gym. She spoke about how the place used to be a venue where her late husband hosted a youth basketball program.

“The site is a special location for my family,” Vanessa Bryant said, per NBC Los Angeles' Jonathan Lloyd. “He used basketball to teach life lessons to young boys and girls…It serves as a reminder to all the boys and girls who play here that they are loved.”

How Kobe Bryant's “Mamba Mentality” left a lasting impact

If there's one thing that Bryant will be remembered for, it would be the inspiration he gave to many. Besides Bryant's renowned moves and on-court capabilities, people took to heart a mindset that originated from the legend himself: Mamba Mentality.

In simple terms, Mamba Mentality could be described as a way of life that revolves around continuous self-improvement and growth. In Bryant's words, it is “to constantly try to be the best version of yourself.”

This could be seen in Bryant's approach to the game. It all started with his work ethic. There's no need to go into detail, as every basketball fan has surely heard of the late superstar's crazy workout stories. Simply speaking, if there was one human being that personified the phrase “hard work,” it was Kobe Bryant.

This was one of the reasons why Bryant was always on another level. His insane work ethic, combined with immense talent and athleticism, resulted in what people witnessed throughout the past two decades or so.

Of course, Mamba Mentality isn't just about putting in the work; there's a mental aspect to it as well. To be great, one has to believe he is such. No one can deny that whenever Bryant stepped on the court, he knew that he was the best player in the building. Even during his off-nights, the Laker legend never showed an ounce of self-doubt.

Mamba Mentality became a concept that transcended even outside of sports. Up to this day, Kobe Bryant's legacy influences people to reach for the stars and bring out their full potential, and that's exactly why his greatness will always be one of a kind.