Former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell used to be friends. It all changed, however, when Russell decided to record a video of Young admitting that he cheated on then-fiancee Iggy Azalea. The clip somehow went public and it unsurprisingly went viral. At this point, there still appears to be some bad blood between the pair.

In a recent interview on the Boxing with Chris Mannix podcast, Young was asked who he'd like to fight in the ring. As expected, he pointed his finger at D'Angelo Russell who now plies his trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves (h/t The Volume on Twitter):

“Of course, D-Lo – D’Angelo,” Young responded.

While Young also mentioned that he'd like to fight some other guys on the Lakers, a few dudes on the Golden State Warriors, as well as a couple of coaches, the one-time NBA champ did not name any names. The only player he mentioned was Russell, and it is clear that there's still some ill will there.

The show's host laughed when he heard Young say he wanted to fight Russell, also stating that this was not a surprise at all. Most folks are well aware of Young and Russell's beef, which actually led to the latter getting isolated on the Lakers after the video blew up. His teammates reportedly lost their trust in Russell for how he betrayed Young. Many believed that he broke an unwritten code between teammates and between friends, and he was labeled as a snitch.

I, for one, would definitely pay good money to see a fight between Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell in the boxing ring.